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Why Influencers Need Legal Counsel.

Influencers are in the business of brand building and brand exposure. They should not strictly be concerned with the promotion of others; they must be cognizant of their own commercial opportunities and the legal exposure attached with the growth of their personas. Proactive influencers who hire legal counsel are able to protect themseleves in contractual agreements, construct a valuable intellectual property portfolio and build successful businesses around their positive influence.

Types of Legal Services for Influencers

We have the capacity to assist you with all of your legal needs, which may include the following:


If you are earning money based on your influence, then you should be memorializing deal terms by way of written, signed contracts. We have the expertise and capacity to assist you with the creation, review, revision and negotiation of important deal terms, protecting you in case something goes wrong.

Intellectual Property

If you have built a brand, then you should ensure that you have proper trademark protection. If you are creating images and videos, then you must ensure that you obtain property copyrights. If someone is using your name, image and likeness, then you should get ahead of it by exploring your publicity rights. We can help with all of that and much more.


The Federal Trade Commission is more actively enforcing laws intended to stop deceptive advertising. Make sure that you are complying with all laws, which is something that we have helped many people out with as they build their brands.